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Welcome lacrosse fans to the official Excelsiors Lacrosse Legacy Association website!

The ELLA is a newly formed organization made up of Excelsiors alumni and advocates alike. The goal of the ELLA is to grow and support Brampton lacrosse. We are aiming to preserve the incredible history of the team as well as ensure its future. By doing this we hope to create a strong lacrosse community and rebuild the Brampton Excelsiors name.

Our organization materialized after the announcement that the Major Excelsiors would be moving to Owen Sound, losing 150 years of history in Brampton. Born out of the fight to stand up for the fans and save the team’s legacy, the ELLA has expanded its goals to benefit Brampton Lacrosse at all levels. We are not directly affiliated with any other Brampton Lacrosse organizations. However we are dedicated to becoming an integral part of the community.

We invite all fans of the Brampton Excelsiors to join us in this initiative. While still working through the challenges of getting an organization like this off the ground, the ELLA has some great plans in the works! We hope to be opening up to public membership in the near future. Stay tuned for your chance to become part of this fantastic association. In the mean time we welcome you to have a look around the site. Have a read through the history of the Excelsiors and see who is on our Board of Directors. If you have any questions feel free to email info@excelsiorslegacy.ca.

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