Excelsiors Move: Teat Talks to Lacrosse Classified

Lacrosse Classified Podcast lgo

Episode 122 of the Lacrosse Classified podcast, hosted by Jake Elliot and Brad Challoner, debuted yesterday. The episode features a lengthy conversation with ELLA President Dan Teat. After a short discussion about Panther City LC, they tackled some of the issues facing the Brampton Excelsiors. It was encouraging to hear how passionate about our cause these two were, as third parties.

We highly encourage you to listen to the whole episode and check out the rest of the series. However, if you’re in a hurry then you can skip some of it. Be sure to listen to the intro. Both hosts give some background as well as their initial takes on the Excelsiors’ situation. After hearing that skip ahead to about 0:49:00 to hear what Teat has to say.

Thank you Lacrosse Flash and Lacrosse Classified for hearing out our story and letting us present it. We love your passion and advocacy for the sport. Keep it up!

Episode 122 of Lacrosse Classified can be found here.

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