ELLA Reps Present Case to OLA

ELLA Present Case to OLA

Last night, representatives of the ELLA had the chance to present our case to the OLA Board of Directors, after previously winning an appeal. Evidence was given of what we believe was an illegal sale of the Brampton Excelsiors. We also offered a solution to the Board, the MSL and Mr. Norton, which we think will benefit all parties. BELC Honourary Lifetime Director Dean McLeod also spoke to the committee as an individual.

No decision has been made yet, it is unclear exactly when a vote will be held. We would like to thank the OLA for exercising due diligence in this matter and allowing the ELLA to present our case. It is our hope that the proposed solution will be accepted and that everyone involved can come out of this in a better situation.


  1. Curious who is the ELLA by name not trying to be smart
    I know back in the 70’s,80′ the excelsiors could never be sold to one individual or own by an individual or group and I believe it was in their constitution
    But how things have change when I was on the executive and president

    1. the ELLA members are listed on this site under the Board of Directors.

      The BELC does have the ability to sell a team according to both the BELC constitution and the Ontario Corporations Act. However we believe that the specified process required to do this was not followed. The circumstances of the sale are extremely questionable and the membership had no say in the matter.

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