Yesterday, notice was given of the upcoming BELC AGM. It is to be held on Monday, October 25.


All BELC members in good standing have the right to attend, vote and speak at any general meeting, including the AGM. The public is also welcome to attend. Members must email BELC President Ziggy Musial ( notifying him of their intent to attend the meeting by Sunday, October 10th. He will be obligated to respond with the details of location and time. It should be noted that the website does not make any mention of the time or location of the meeting. This information is required by the BELC Constitution. Article 2:11(a) states “[…] A notice of the date, time and location of the AGM shall be communicated to the members of the BELC at least 45 days in advance.”

To be clear, this is open to ALL members in good standing. BELC Membership includes the current Directors, life members, the head coaches of BELC teams from the past year of competition and the chair of any active BELC Auxiliary Committee.

Members also have the right to nominate Directors and submit suggestions for amendments to the constitution at the BELC AGM. Nominations will be open starting Friday, September 10th until October 25th. Suggestions for constitutional amendments will be accepted until Saturday, September 25th.

We encourage all available members to make the effort to attend this AGM, and all subsequent meetings. This is how and when the membership has the most power to effect changes and choose the direction the club will follow. In light of recent events, this year’s BELC AGM could be one of the most important ever held.

For those unfamiliar with it, the BELC’s 2017 constitution (the most recent version made available) has been included below along with a copy of the BELC Executive Committee Nomination Form and the BELC Constitutional Amendment Form for your convenience. Both of the latter forms can also be found in the appendices of the constitution.

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