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On Monday night, the membership of the Brampton Excelsiors Lacrosse Club held a special general meeting to discuss and carry out a number of points of business.

The first significant motion made was to reinstate two life members, Dan Teat and Dean McLeod who had previously been declared not in good standing by the Board of Directors. It should be noted that the board reinstated Mike Hasen and Brian Beisel the previous day. The motion was unanimously passed, returning all four who were removed to a position of good standing with the club.

Following this, a motion was made to recognize Ron Evans as a duly elected Director. After openly speaking out against the sale of the Major Excelsiors, the operation of the club and the conduct of other board members, he was removed in a private meeting of the Executive. This violated the Corporations Act which states only the members have such a right. After a brief explanation of the situation, the membership voted unanimously to recognize Ron as a director once again.

The most significant item of business that night was a resolution to immediately relieve the sitting board of Directors, with the exception of Ron Evans, of all duties. Matt Bowman was recognized as a special delegate on behalf of ELLA, informing the membership of our group’s inception, goals and discoveries regarding this sale. He made an impassioned speech detailing how the member’s voices had been silenced and their rights infringed upon. ELLA President Glenn McClelland further explained why it was imperative for the members to take immediate action. After a long and tough but important discussion, the resolution was passed unanimously.

As the only remaining Director, Ron Evans was left with the authority, according to the BELC constitution, to fill any vacant positions on the committee by appointment. With the approval of the membership, Ron appointed Matt Bowman, Glenn McClelland, John Sanderson, Dean McLeod and Brian Beisel (it should be noted that Beisel declined the appointment). All positions filled are up for election at the next AGM. Following this, Glenn McClelland accepted a nomination as interim President of the BELC, which was unanimously approved by the members.

Notably missing from the meeting was the former Board of Directors. When a request for the meeting was duly submitted by the members, the board chose to disregard the stated business, instead holding their own town hall style meeting. They were informed the member’s meeting would proceed as planned, and that they were welcome to attend. None of them took this opportunity and were marked as absent from the meeting.

The interim committee has been tasked with appointing representatives of the BELC teams to attend the OLA AGM being held in November, as well as addressing the issues surrounding the currently planned BELC AGM. When a solution is found, all BELC members are strongly encouraged to exercise their rights to nominate a new slate of directors, propose constitutional changes, attend the AGM and vote!

Congratulations to the interim directors and thank you to the membership for supporting and carrying on ELLA’s fight to keep the Excelsiors in Brampton!

Interim Board of Directors:

Glenn McClelland – President

Matt Bowman – Secretary

Ron Evans – Treasurer

Dean McLeod – Director at large

John Sanderson – Director at large


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