BELC Announces Major and Junior Staff

Excelsiors Major Junior Staff

Following false reports of a change in the Jr. B Excelsiors coaching staff, the BELC has announced the confirmed 2022 staff for both the Major and Junior teams. They are as follows:

General Manager/Head Coach – Dan Teat
Assistant General Manager – Jamie Dubrick
Assistant Coach – Brian Beisel
Assistant Coach – Chris Driscol

Jr. A:
General Manager – Chris Lowe
Head Coach – Paddy O’Toole
Offensive Coach – Mike Burke
Defensive Coach – Dylan Evans

Jr. B:
General Manager – Brent McCauley
Assistant General Manager – Clint Nickerson
Head Coach – Todd Wilfong
Assistant Coach – Evan Whillans
Assistant Coach – Greg Phillips

The BELC also made it clear that the former BELC website as well as the former BELC twitter account are not representative of the club and should not be trusted for club related news. These are among the assets yet to be turned over by the former board who were dismissed by the membership. For trusted BELC news please follow the club’s recognized twitter accounts (BELC, Jr. A, Jr. B) or the official BELC facebook page. At this tme, the BELC does not have an official website.

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