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On Behalf of Dean McLeod

Recently ELLA has been in contact with former BELC director Dean McLeod. After coming out against his fellow directors and openly opposing the sale and move of the Major Excelsiors, Dean has also stood alongside our own representatives to address the OLA and supported our arguments to keep our team. He has reached out, and asked us to post the following message on his behalf.

Dean McLeod

“To the supporters of the Brampton Excelsior Major Lacrosse Club; players, coaches, fans and financial supporters I am informing you that I no longer align myself with the Brampton Excelsior Lacrosse Club, (BELC). I will now work alongside the Excelsior Legacy Lacrosse Association (ELLA) group and dedicate my efforts to keeping the Major Excelsiors in Brampton. I feel that it is important for lacrosse to be played in Brampton at all levels, Minor through Major, and that is where I will dedicate my efforts.

I have reached this decision, after about 55 years of being a Board Member of the BELC. I feel that four valued Members of the Excelsior Life Membership program; Dan Teat, Mike Hasen, Brian Beisel and myself, were discredited by the BELC, Board of Directors, in having our voting rights removed from us. Life Memberships were awarded to each of us in recognition of decades of dedication to lacrosse in Brampton, Ontario and Canada.

Dean McLeod.

Lacrosse Canada, Life Member

Ontario Lacrosse, Life Member”

Major Series Lacrosse Classic

Thursday night, during the Major Series Lacrosse “Classic” being held at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre in Oakville the Brampton Excelsiors competed under the name and jerseys of “Owen Sound”. We would like to reassure Brampton fans and supporters that as of right now, the OLA has not approved the sale or move of the Brampton Major Excelsiors. As the Governing body of the MSL, the OLA has the authority to approve or disapprove the sale and/or move of any franchise. 

Brampton Excelsiors Logo

In our view, having “Owen Sound” compete in the Major Series Classic is nothing more than a back handed bullying tactic. An attempt by those who want the approval pushed through to convince the public that it is finalized and there is nothing more to be done. We want to stress that this is not the case. 

We cannot say for sure that the OLA will block the move, but as of right now the team is still the Brampton Major Excelsiors. Our stance is firm that until such a time as the OLA Board of Directors votes on the sale and move, the Major Excelsiors still reside in Brampton and should be competing as such. 

Since the event was announced last week, the OLA has remained silent on the issue. As they are the governing body over Major Series Lacrosse and responsible for overseeing that the league follows regulations, we hope to see some sort of intervention to stop this, or at the very least an official statement on the issue. We urge our supporters to continue watching for any such statements from the OLA or from the ELLA. When a decision is made, we will notify everyone of it promptly. 

The ELLA has done our research, we have reviewed statements, contracts, constitutions and sought all possible legal and lawful options. We are confident in our opinion that the sale of the Majors was carried out illegally. In April, we have presented this case to the OLA, and other relevant parties, and we hope they agree. However, for now, all sides of this debate are awaiting their vote and subsequent announcement. 

msl classic logo

In the interim we are proceeding with the understanding that the team remains the Brampton Excelsiors. 
This team is part of our history. We have played, coached, volunteered and given our hearts to the Excelsiors. This is not just another team moving in and out of our city. This team is entwined in the history of Brampton and we have built families around it. No one in the ELLA is in any way opposed to a Major Series franchise being put in Owen Sound. In fact, we would be happy to see and support it, because their fans deserve it. But this is not how to make it happen. Ripping something this important away from a community with no input from the membership should not be what anyone wants.

Lastly, we want to wish all the members of the Excelsiors family competing in the Major Series Classic all the best. We hold no ill will against those who choose to play for any of the teams in this event. We want to see those athletes who have grown up in maroon and gold or come to play for Brampton later in their careers succeed to their fullest potential. Despite our qualms with the league, there is no denying that it is some of the best lacrosse in the world and we will not fault anyone for grabbing a chance to play at that level.

This fight is not over and we will keep working to keep the Major Excelsiors in Brampton, where they belong.

ELLA Reps Present Case to OLA

ELLA Present Case to OLA

Last night, representatives of the ELLA had the chance to present our case to the OLA Board of Directors, after previously winning an appeal. Evidence was given of what we believe was an illegal sale of the Brampton Excelsiors. We also offered a solution to the Board, the MSL and Mr. Norton, which we think will benefit all parties. BELC Honourary Lifetime Director Dean McLeod also spoke to the committee as an individual.

No decision has been made yet, it is unclear exactly when a vote will be held. We would like to thank the OLA for exercising due diligence in this matter and allowing the ELLA to present our case. It is our hope that the proposed solution will be accepted and that everyone involved can come out of this in a better situation.

Remembering Jeff Teat Sr.

Jeff Teat Dan Teat Mann Cup

Today, on the fifth anniversary of his passing, the ELLA would like to remember Jeff Teat Sr. He was a pillar of Brampton lacrosse. Anyone who regularly attended game saw him constantly on the move, helping out wherever needed. His passing left a big hole to fill in the Brampton Excelsiors family.

For over 35 years Jeff worked tirelessly as a volunteer at every level of Brampton lacrosse. As son Dan moved up through Minor, Junior and onto Major so too did Jeff’s volunteer work. Teat helped out sometimes as equipment manager, with merchandise sales, ticket sales, as GM of the Majors and with any little task which needed to be done. Those involved with the team knew him for his generosity and eagerness to pitch in, any way he could. When his grandchildren got old enough to play Jeff could once again be found at minor games, often coaching. He passed on his wealth of knowledge and passion for the game to another generation.

During his time with the Excelsiors Jeff was honored with many awards. His name adorns both the Revis Bennett Award and the Mush Thompson Award. In 2002 he was named a life member of the Brampton Excelsiors Lacrosse Club. On April 17, 2016 Jeff passed away leaving behind an incredible legacy, having had an immense impact on the lacrosse community. Though his name will forever live on, etched in the awards and rosters of the Brampton Excelsiors, those who knew him will remember Jeff Teat for the personal interactions they had and the stories he shared.

ELLA Wins Appeal

Ontario Lacrosse Association OLA logo ELLA appeal

It is with great pleasure we announce that the ELLA has won the appeal with the OLA to rescind the March 3 vote, which approved the move of the Brampton Excelsiors. An appeal was submitted on the grounds that the vote was held by the OLA Board of Governors. Article R25.03 states this vote must be held by the Board of Directors. After a hearing held on Thursday, the appeals committee found the vote to have been in violation of the constitution.

In light of this, the previous vote has been rescinded with a new one to be held, by the proper group, in the coming days. While the Board of Directors may still vote in favour of the move, we are happy that the OLA has shown integrity in holding up its bylaws and correcting the mistake. We are hopeful this means they will also recognize and correct the issues surrounding the sale and move of our team.

The ELLA has requested the opportunity to present our case directly to the OLA Board of Directors so we may fully explain the intricacies of our arguments and answer any questions the Board may have. For further details, please be sure to follow us on twitter, instagram and facebook. We would once again like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported the ELLA in our fight to save the Brampton Excelsiors. That love for the game is the reason we’re doing this.

UPDATE: ELLA Reps Present Case to OLA

OLA Declares Free Agents

On March 15, 2021, the OLA was asked to review the agency of four players. The players in question; Jeff Teat, Connor McClelland, Travis Burton and Clarke Petterson requested the review. The case being made was that the Brampton/Owen Sound Major franchise ownership had failed to comply with article R6.23(d) of the OLA constitution. This requires the reimbursement of $300 paid to the Jr. A affiliate of any protected players. It was found that the Major club had violated the constitution and all four players declared to be free agents. This means that they are no longer required to sign with the franchise now in Owen Sound. They may sign elsewhere at their own discretion.

Travis Burton Clarke Petterson Connor McClelland Jeff Teat free agents
Clockwise from top left: Travis Burton, Clarke Petterson, Connor McClelland, Jeff Teat have all been declared free agents in the MSL

The ELLA is happy to hear this news. It not only shows that OLA leadership is willing to send a strong message about rules which have, in the past, been ignored, but it also provides these players the opportunity to play for a club where they feel comfortable and happy. Since the announcement of the team’s move, a number of Brampton Excelsiors players publicly expressed disdain and an unwillingness to play for Mr. Norton in Owen Sound. They may, if they so wish, still sign with the team. The ELLA are satisfied that the choice will be theirs to make. There may also be further announcements of OLA free agents to come if more similar violations are found.

In the wake of the Board of Governor’s vote to move the team, which defied the OLA constitution, this is a great move by the organization. It will help restore faith in the leadership and their willingness to follow their rules. Holding the vote to approve the Excelsiors’ move with the wrong group has received heavy criticism from the public and the ELLA. We will still appeal this vote and fight to bring the Excelsiors home. This is a step in the right direction and gives us hope that the OLA will do the right thing.

Doug Scott, Brampton Excelsior

Doug Scott Brampton Excelsiors ELLA

The ELLA was heartbroken to learn of the passing of Doug Scott on Thursday, March 11. He succumbed to a tough fought battle with cancer, leaving behind wife Carol and children Shane and Katherine. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends.

Doug was well known in the Brampton lacrosse community. He was dedicated, passionate about lacrosse and always having a smile on his face. During his life Doug made significant contributions to the BMLA and more. Having dabbled in almost every aspect of lacrosse organizations, Doug built up quite the resume. Many remember him as a coach. He recognized the importance of both rep and house league, coaching at both levels. His incredible knowledge of the game no doubt played a part in the careers of some future stars. Posts on social media have described a number of fond memories from players he helped guide as they grew up. However he also played a big part behind the scenes.

Off the bench, Doug also helped support the BMLA through consistent sponsorship, a vital role for any community sports organization. He served for a number of years as a director on the BMLA Board, helping to plot the course for the future of Brampton lacrosse’s foundation. As a tournament organizer Doug volunteered his time to ensure the intricacies of the weekend events ran smoothly, making it fun and exciting for all involved. With two kids playing he was also always busy on game days. Doug served as a team manager when he wasn’t behind the bench. Not only that, but he could often be found in the time box serving in one of the most underappreciated positions in minor sports.

As his children grew and moved on from minor lacrosse, so did Doug. He was an assistant coach to the Jr. A Mississauga Tomahawks. He also gave back to the upstart Arena Lacrosse League as equipment manager for the Toronto Monarchs, a team Shane helped pushed to the championship game in their first year. Through this though he always supported and gave back to Brampton lacrosse.

You could always count on seeing Doug around the arena at Jr. A or Major games. He always continued to encourage those he had mentored as they grew up. Anyone who knew Doug Scott will remember him for his sense of humour, positivity and love of the game. His passing has left a hole which will be hard to fill in Brampton lacrosse. But his legacy will be in those who step up to not only fill his shoes, but to exceed him, passing on what he taught them. Here’s to Doug Scott, a true Brampton Excelsior!

WLA Getting Ready for Shortened 2021 Season

On February 24 the Western Lacrosse Association released the schedule for a shortened 2021 season to begin play in June. While holding play over this summer is still not set in stone due to COVID-19 restrictions, the announcements shows that league officials are hopeful the virus will be under control in the coming months.

Meanwhile in the East, Major Series Lacrosse officials have yet to release any word of when or how the season may start. Despite this, plans are in place between to the two leagues to hold the Mann Cup Championship in Ontario the coming September. This means word from the MSL should arrive shortly as to how the league plans to proceed.

The question still hangs in the air however of what exactly the MSL will look like this season. Will possible government restrictions affect Six Nation’s intent to play out the season after announcing they may fold at the end of this year? And closer to home for the ELLA is what the fate of the Brampton Excelsiors will be following an investigation by an OLA committee into the team’s sale. Will the team remain at home in Brampton or will Owen Sound see Sr. A lacrosse return to the small town?

As each day passes the possible start of a lacrosse season looms closer and closer. Lacrosse fans are all anxious to find out if and how play will proceed in 2021 and Brampton fans in particular anxious to see their team continue play out of Memorial Arena. Stay tuned to ELLA news and social media for any further announcements!

Original Press Release from the WLA

Life Long Excelsior Voted Marquette Men’s Lacrosse Captain

Photo from The Peterborough Examiner

Last Week Marquette University announced their 2021 Men’s Lacrosse captains and we were excited to see long time Excelsior and Brampton native Connor McClelland’s name among them.

Playing in the maroon and gold since Minor, Connor quickly showed he was an elite player when he joined the already talented Jr. A Excelsiors at just 16 years old. Eventually earning an ‘A’, Connor proved to be not only an extremely solid defender but capable in transition as well. After helping lead the team to the Minto Cup finals in 2018 McClelland graduated to the Major Excelsiors and did not miss a beat as he stepped in and proved he could keep up with the best.

In 2020 Connor was selected in the first round, 12th overall, of the NLL draft by the Saskatchewan Rush. Joining the team’s All-Star defensive line up (featuring other former Excelsiors Kyle Rubisch and Chris Corbiel) goes to show the faith the organization has in his talents and potential.

Throughout his career Connor has earned numerous titles at all levels including Provincial and National Championships. He’s now in his Senior year at Marquette and looking to add to that list.

Though he isn’t first McClelland to leave his mark on the Excelsiors legacy, he will no doubt be a stand out and looked up to by the generation of Brampton fans growing up watching him play now. Connor McClelland continues Brampton’s history of producing lacrosse legends and will no doubt become a well known name in the sport. Marquette has made an excellent choice!

Connor – The ELLA, the Excelsiors and Brampton are all proud of you. Way to go!

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Dan Teat Named to Panther City Coaching Staff

The NLL’s newest franchise, Panther City Lacrosse Club, announced on Wednesday that they’ve hired Dan Teat as the assistant offensive coach. This is big news for Brampton lacrosse fans! Dan is not only a lifelong Brampton Excelsior as well as head coach of the Major team, but also a founding member and President of the ELLA.

Dan played for Brampton  from minor right up until his retirement from Major lacrosse as the Captain of the Excelsiors. He first began making a name for himself in 1988 when he was awarded Rookie of the Year by the Ontario Jr. A Lacrosse League. Just a few years later he repeated that distinction when he moved up to Major lacrosse, while also helping the Excelsiors hoist the Mann Cup that same season. Over the next 16 years he won another four National Championships with Brampton, as well as an NLL championship with Rochester.

After a year off Dan came back to the Excelsiors, this time on the Bench as Assistant coach, and helped lead the team to its third Cup in four years. But his coaching highlights don’t end there. In 2018 Dan coached the Brampton Jr. A’s to the Minto Cup finals for the first time since 2009 (their first Provincial title since 1994). The following season he moved back up to the bench of the Majors, this time as head coach and helped the young underdog team show that they wouldn’t be taken lightly.

All these accolades have earned Dan lifetime membership in the BELC, as well as spots in the Brampton Sports Hall of Fame, the Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame and the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame. Despite his high profile, Dan has also been involved for years with the BMLA. Coaching his sons in minor he has added another Provincial and two more National titles to his list of accomplishments, not to mention the skills and knowledge he has passed on to future lacrosse stars.

Dan Teat is a true ambassador of lacrosse. Passionate, competitive and highly knowledgeable there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that he will make a significant impact on the Panther City bench. Brampton, the Excelsiors and the ELLA are proud of you Dan. Way to go!

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