ELLA Wins Appeal

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It is with great pleasure we announce that the ELLA has won the appeal with the OLA to rescind the March 3 vote, which approved the move of the Brampton Excelsiors. An appeal was submitted on the grounds that the vote was held by the OLA Board of Governors. Article R25.03 states this vote must be held by the Board of Directors. After a hearing held on Thursday, the appeals committee found the vote to have been in violation of the constitution.

In light of this, the previous vote has been rescinded with a new one to be held, by the proper group, in the coming days. While the Board of Directors may still vote in favour of the move, we are happy that the OLA has shown integrity in holding up its bylaws and correcting the mistake. We are hopeful this means they will also recognize and correct the issues surrounding the sale and move of our team.

The ELLA has requested the opportunity to present our case directly to the OLA Board of Directors so we may fully explain the intricacies of our arguments and answer any questions the Board may have. For further details, please be sure to follow us on twitter, instagram and facebook. We would once again like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported the ELLA in our fight to save the Brampton Excelsiors. That love for the game is the reason we’re doing this.

UPDATE: ELLA Reps Present Case to OLA

Doug Scott, Brampton Excelsior

Doug Scott Brampton Excelsiors ELLA

The ELLA was heartbroken to learn of the passing of Doug Scott on Thursday, March 11. He succumbed to a tough fought battle with cancer, leaving behind wife Carol and children Shane and Katherine. Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends.

Doug was well known in the Brampton lacrosse community. He was dedicated, passionate about lacrosse and always having a smile on his face. During his life Doug made significant contributions to the BMLA and more. Having dabbled in almost every aspect of lacrosse organizations, Doug built up quite the resume. Many remember him as a coach. He recognized the importance of both rep and house league, coaching at both levels. His incredible knowledge of the game no doubt played a part in the careers of some future stars. Posts on social media have described a number of fond memories from players he helped guide as they grew up. However he also played a big part behind the scenes.

Off the bench, Doug also helped support the BMLA through consistent sponsorship, a vital role for any community sports organization. He served for a number of years as a director on the BMLA Board, helping to plot the course for the future of Brampton lacrosse’s foundation. As a tournament organizer Doug volunteered his time to ensure the intricacies of the weekend events ran smoothly, making it fun and exciting for all involved. With two kids playing he was also always busy on game days. Doug served as a team manager when he wasn’t behind the bench. Not only that, but he could often be found in the time box serving in one of the most underappreciated positions in minor sports.

As his children grew and moved on from minor lacrosse, so did Doug. He was an assistant coach to the Jr. A Mississauga Tomahawks. He also gave back to the upstart Arena Lacrosse League as equipment manager for the Toronto Monarchs, a team Shane helped pushed to the championship game in their first year. Through this though he always supported and gave back to Brampton lacrosse.

You could always count on seeing Doug around the arena at Jr. A or Major games. He always continued to encourage those he had mentored as they grew up. Anyone who knew Doug Scott will remember him for his sense of humour, positivity and love of the game. His passing has left a hole which will be hard to fill in Brampton lacrosse. But his legacy will be in those who step up to not only fill his shoes, but to exceed him, passing on what he taught them. Here’s to Doug Scott, a true Brampton Excelsior!