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OLA to Recognize BELC Board of Directors

Some great news issued by the BELC Executive Committee:

OLA to recognize the BELC Board of Directors as elected by the members on December 7th

Since the October 4th, 2021 special membership meeting, there has been a dispute as to who rightly represents the Brampton Excelsiors Lacrosse Club. Our position has always been to follow the directive of the membership and its constitution.  We are pleased to announce that the OLA Board of Directors have definitively recognized the BELC Board of Directors under the presidency of Glenn McClelland.

We respect that the OLA did their due diligence in carefully reviewing all documentation. We, as a board, are eager and excited to represent our membership and continue the preparation for the 2022 OLA season. We have a new and dedicated group of directors with many dynamic ideas to continually grow and foster the Excelsior legacy. This will be a fantastic year for the Brampton Excelsiors.  We would like to thank our members, the city of Brampton and their leadership, the stakeholders and our many lacrosse fans.  This result would not have been possible without your support!

The elected directors are as follow:
Glenn McClelland – President
Dean McLeod – Vice President
Matt Bowman – Secretary
Ron Evans – Treasurer
Dan Teat – GM Majors
Chris Lowe – GM Jr. A
Brent McCauley – GM Jr. B
Clint Nickerson – Director at Large
Bob Boddam – Director at Large
Wes Jackson – Director at Large
Dave Succamore – Director at Large
Brock Boyle – Director at Large
Keith Slinger – Director at Large

Here’s to welcoming Brampton Excelsior Lacrosse back to the floor and fields for the 2022 season and beyond. 

Yours in Lacrosse,

Glenn McClelland, BELC President

Four Excelsiors Join Hall of Fame

Four former Brampton Excelsiors have been named to the NLL Hall of Fame Class of 2021. The league announced their inductees this morning and we were excited to see some great Exelsiors representation among the ten players and referees.

Colin Doyle NLL Hall of Fame
Colin Doyle

Colin Doyle played all over the CLA during his Sr. A career, but spent a half a decade as a stand out on the Brampton Excelsiors. Joining the team in 2003 he made an immediate impact, finishing second overall in scoring that year (behind team mate Josh Sanderson). He spent four of the next 6 years with Brampton (he played for Coquitlam in the WLA in 2005 and 2007), winning back to back Mann Cups in 2008 and 2009. In 2010 he was traded to Six Nations. Colin Doyle was inducted into the NLL Hall of Fame as a Forward.

Pat McCready NLL Hall of Fame
Pat McCready

Pat McCready came to Brampton in 2005 from the St. Catherine’s Athletics and finished fourth on the team in scoring. Though he didn’t put up the same numbers in the following years, Pat was a noticeable contributor to the team on the back end, culminating in a Mann Cup title in 2008. In 2009 he was traded to St. Regis, ending his time with the Excelsiors. McCready was inducted into the NLL Hall of Fame as a defenceman.

Shawn William NLL Hall of Fame
Shawn Williams

Shawn Williams began his time with the Excelsiors with a brief stint in 1995 before returning to his hometown Brooklin Redmen. In 2009 he rejoined the team mid season, scoring 30 points in just seven regular season games. During MSL playoffs he finished third on the team in scoring behind Josh Sanderson and Colin Doyle before leading the team to a Mann Cup victory over New Westminster with another 29 points in the seven game series. In 2010 WIlliams again finished the regular season third on the team in scoring with 49 points in eleven games. Unfortunately Shawn’s arm was broken just three games into the playoffs and was unable to play the remainder of the season. Instead he joined the bench staff to lend his incredible knowledge to the team. In 2011 Williams was returned to Brooklin to finish his career. Shawn Williams was inducted into the NLL Hall of Fame as a forward.

Bill Fox NLL Hall of Fame
Bill Fox

Bill Fox played for the 1980 Brampton Excelsiors. Playing alongside other Excelsiors legends such as Bram Wilfong, Barry Maruk and Tom Patrick, Fox helped the team hoist their fourth Mann Cup. Bill returned to the team the following year where they again made it to the championship, but lost to the New Westminster Salmonbellies in four games. Despite his contributions to the Excelsiors, Brampton fans will perhaps remember Bill Fox best for his decades of officiating. Though many didn’t agree with his calls, Fox was well respected and considered one of the league’s best officials. Bill Fox was inducted into the NLL Hall of Fame as a referee.

We are incredibly proud of the contributions these four have made not only to the Brampton Excelsiors, but to the game of lacrosse, and we thank the NLL for recognizing this. This great news follows just shortly after former Excelsiors goalie Bob Watson, already a member of the NLL Hall of Fame, was inducted into the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame and Dean McLeod was honoured with the Lester B. Pearson Award. This has been a fantastic few weeks for members of the Brampton Excelsiors family!

The NLL’s full press release can be found here.

Dean McLeod Honoured by Lacrosse Canada

Lacrosse Canada (formerly the CLA) announced today that Brampton’s Dean McLeod has been honoured as the recipient of the 2021 Lester B. Pearson Award. The award is given annually in recognition of outstanding contributions and dedication to the lacrosse community.

Dean McLeod honoured
Dean McLeod at the Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame

In his 50+ years with Brampton lacrosse, Dean has built an outstanding resume, having made contributions in nearly every way possible. As both a player and General Manager Dean has won Minto and Mann Cup titles with the Brampton Excelsiors. Since 1967 he has served on the Executive Committee, eventually being named both a life member of the BELC and honourary life time Director. He also serves on the Brampton Sports Hall of Fame Committee and has overseen the induction of many local lacrosse stars.

As well, Dean has been honoured at the provincial level. In 1985 he was given the “Mr. Lacrosse Award” by the OLA. In 1991 he was named a life member of the OLA, and in 1998 was inducted into the Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame. A standout achievement of his involvement with provincial lacrosse was serving 37 years as Commissioner of the Ontario Jr. A Lacrosse League before retiring in 2018. Recently the OJALL announced McLeod would be returning to the organization as an advisor and historian.

The Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame also inducted him for his longstanding contributions to the game, especially his involvement, as OJALL Commissioner, with the Minto Cup. The most recent honour Bestowed upon Dean McLeod by Lacrosse Canada also includes a life membership in the organization.

This incredible news has come just a week after it was announced that the BELC had named Dean, along with three other life members, no longer in good standing. Shortly before this decision, Dean had resigned from the Executive Committee and spoken to the OLA about the dealings of the Major Excelsiors’ sale.

See the announcement from Lacrosse Canada here.

Recent Bigotry in Lacrosse

Excelsiors Lacrosse Legacy Association ELLA Logo

Members of the ELLA have been disturbed, to say the least, at the comments and stories which have been coming out over the past few weeks involving racism, sexism and other kinds of bigotry. We recognize this is nothing new, but are ever saddened by how prevalent it remains amongst talk of inclusion, acceptance and justice for those discriminated against. We are especially hurt to hear of it happening in lacrosse. A game of healing, used to resolve conflicts and shared with us by a now marginalized people should be the last place this happens…but it does.

The way many members of the lacrosse community have stood up in support of those being discriminated is inspiring to see. We support everyone trying to live their best lives, in harmony with the rest of society, in being who they are. Lacrosse has had many very influential and great people including women, people of all racial backgrounds and those belonging to the LGBTQ+ community. Without many of these contributions our sport would not be what it is today. But we feel the lacrosse world, as a whole, still has a long way to go to be free of bigotry.

To many, lacrosse has come to be seen as a rich white boys sport. An air of exclusivity has been associated with it. There is always talk of places with “the right demographics” to grow the sport, and it is abundantly clear those demographics are white people with money. This needs to change. Our sport cannot grow if we only look to involve the same group generation after generation. Exclusion of any kind, at any level, has no place in lacrosse.

The ELLA aims to work with our local organizations and community to get everyone involved in lacrosse. To us, not having “the right demographics” just means that there is a huge market being completely ignored, to whom we can reach out. We believe that inclusion in the sport we love will not only help it grow, but teach kids early on to accept and respect differences in everyone. Bigotry is a very big and very difficult problem to take on. Its roots run so deep through society it often exists where people don’t think to look. There is no single “right” answer. But if we continue on the same path, we will never reach a point where people don’t have to live in shame or fear of who they are. We can’t change the whole world, but we can start making it better through lacrosse.

WLA Getting Ready for Shortened 2021 Season

On February 24 the Western Lacrosse Association released the schedule for a shortened 2021 season to begin play in June. While holding play over this summer is still not set in stone due to COVID-19 restrictions, the announcements shows that league officials are hopeful the virus will be under control in the coming months.

Meanwhile in the East, Major Series Lacrosse officials have yet to release any word of when or how the season may start. Despite this, plans are in place between to the two leagues to hold the Mann Cup Championship in Ontario the coming September. This means word from the MSL should arrive shortly as to how the league plans to proceed.

The question still hangs in the air however of what exactly the MSL will look like this season. Will possible government restrictions affect Six Nation’s intent to play out the season after announcing they may fold at the end of this year? And closer to home for the ELLA is what the fate of the Brampton Excelsiors will be following an investigation by an OLA committee into the team’s sale. Will the team remain at home in Brampton or will Owen Sound see Sr. A lacrosse return to the small town?

As each day passes the possible start of a lacrosse season looms closer and closer. Lacrosse fans are all anxious to find out if and how play will proceed in 2021 and Brampton fans in particular anxious to see their team continue play out of Memorial Arena. Stay tuned to ELLA news and social media for any further announcements!

Original Press Release from the WLA

Life Long Excelsior Voted Marquette Men’s Lacrosse Captain

Photo from The Peterborough Examiner

Last Week Marquette University announced their 2021 Men’s Lacrosse captains and we were excited to see long time Excelsior and Brampton native Connor McClelland’s name among them.

Playing in the maroon and gold since Minor, Connor quickly showed he was an elite player when he joined the already talented Jr. A Excelsiors at just 16 years old. Eventually earning an ‘A’, Connor proved to be not only an extremely solid defender but capable in transition as well. After helping lead the team to the Minto Cup finals in 2018 McClelland graduated to the Major Excelsiors and did not miss a beat as he stepped in and proved he could keep up with the best.

In 2020 Connor was selected in the first round, 12th overall, of the NLL draft by the Saskatchewan Rush. Joining the team’s All-Star defensive line up (featuring other former Excelsiors Kyle Rubisch and Chris Corbiel) goes to show the faith the organization has in his talents and potential.

Throughout his career Connor has earned numerous titles at all levels including Provincial and National Championships. He’s now in his Senior year at Marquette and looking to add to that list.

Though he isn’t first McClelland to leave his mark on the Excelsiors legacy, he will no doubt be a stand out and looked up to by the generation of Brampton fans growing up watching him play now. Connor McClelland continues Brampton’s history of producing lacrosse legends and will no doubt become a well known name in the sport. Marquette has made an excellent choice!

Connor – The ELLA, the Excelsiors and Brampton are all proud of you. Way to go!

Original Press Release

Dan Teat Named to Panther City Coaching Staff

The NLL’s newest franchise, Panther City Lacrosse Club, announced on Wednesday that they’ve hired Dan Teat as the assistant offensive coach. This is big news for Brampton lacrosse fans! Dan is not only a lifelong Brampton Excelsior as well as head coach of the Major team, but also a founding member and President of the ELLA.

Dan played for Brampton  from minor right up until his retirement from Major lacrosse as the Captain of the Excelsiors. He first began making a name for himself in 1988 when he was awarded Rookie of the Year by the Ontario Jr. A Lacrosse League. Just a few years later he repeated that distinction when he moved up to Major lacrosse, while also helping the Excelsiors hoist the Mann Cup that same season. Over the next 16 years he won another four National Championships with Brampton, as well as an NLL championship with Rochester.

After a year off Dan came back to the Excelsiors, this time on the Bench as Assistant coach, and helped lead the team to its third Cup in four years. But his coaching highlights don’t end there. In 2018 Dan coached the Brampton Jr. A’s to the Minto Cup finals for the first time since 2009 (their first Provincial title since 1994). The following season he moved back up to the bench of the Majors, this time as head coach and helped the young underdog team show that they wouldn’t be taken lightly.

All these accolades have earned Dan lifetime membership in the BELC, as well as spots in the Brampton Sports Hall of Fame, the Ontario Lacrosse Hall of Fame and the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame. Despite his high profile, Dan has also been involved for years with the BMLA. Coaching his sons in minor he has added another Provincial and two more National titles to his list of accomplishments, not to mention the skills and knowledge he has passed on to future lacrosse stars.

Dan Teat is a true ambassador of lacrosse. Passionate, competitive and highly knowledgeable there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that he will make a significant impact on the Panther City bench. Brampton, the Excelsiors and the ELLA are proud of you Dan. Way to go!

Original Press Release